2 Easy Steps Guide to Get Direct WordPress Official Support

Here you will get 2 easy steps to contact WordPress for direct support in few clicks !

Before you can get any direct support for your wordpress website, you need to make sure on which wordpress platform your website is. There are two kind of wordpress paltforms - wordpress.com and wordpress.org . If your wordpress website is hosted with any third party web hosting company like godaddy.com, hostgator.com etc. that means you are on wordpress.org platform and if it not a self hosted site then it means it in on wordpress.com platform.

Follow 2 Easy Steps mentioned below to get direct support from wordpress.com

Step 1). Login into your WordPress.com account

Step 2). Now go into your WordPress dashboard and click on the question mark icon shown as below:-


Follow 2 Easy Steps mentioned below to get instant support for wordpress.org websites

Step 1). Get free support from the WordPress community by posting your questions or issues in WordPress.org community forums.

Step 2). For instant support call our WordPress customer service phone number 1-917-300-0312 and speak with one of our WordPress experts.

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