WordPress Help and Support Services

Wordpress is covering 60.4% percentage of total websites on internet as of Sep 2019. This itself means that this is the biggest coverage in comparison of any other opensource platform ever has. Because Wordpress coverage is huge so therefore the support requirements are also there. Approx 90% of wordpress customers are struggling to get wordpress help now a days because most of them don't know how to get any help for wordpress websites and from where. Today we are providing complete detailed information here that what is wordpress and how you can get help and support for your wordpress websites and from where.

First Lets talk about what is wordpress

There are two kind of WordPress Platforms as below !

Wordpress.com is a subscription based platform for which you can sign up on wordpress.com only with 3 plan options and they are Basic, Premium and Business plans.. For wordpress.com you are not required to purchase any third party hosting services. Please note wordpress.com have no customer support phone number and they only provide chat support once you logged in the dashboard.

Wordpress.org is a limitless platform in all aspects and a free platform to use with no subscription fee through out for your life. You are just required to host your wordpress.org website with any third party hosting providers like godaddy.com, hostgator.com etc. And we recommend always go for Web hosting with Cpanel plans with any third party hosting company for your wordpress.org websites.

So this was a basic understanding about two kind of wordpress platforms and if you have any more questions in particular you can call us on our

24/7 WordPress Customer Service and Technical Support Helpdesk phone number +1-917-300-0312.

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