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Our Core Wordpress Support Services

WP Official Support provides 24x7 Wordpress Customer Support and Technical Assistance. Most efficient, experienced and professional Wordpress Experts are just a call away for you.

Wordpress Plugin Conflicts Support

Plugin Conflicts & Broken Theme Support

Third Party Plugin conflict is the most common issue that 60% of WordPress websites encounters. These conflicts crashes your website database directories and gives you the white screen which is called as white screen of death in wordpress books, or a bunch of warnings on your website like http 500 error, Parse Error, Syntax Error or sometime when you logged in you see your theme is broken or disabled and showing the default wordpress theme on your website. In any such plugin conflict situations our 24x7 Wordpress Official Support Experts are available for you to fix all such and more complexed issues. Don't Worry our 24x7 Wordpress Experts are available to help you. Call now on +1-917-300-0312 to speak with one of our Live Wordpress Customer Support Experts.

wordpress malware removal services

Malware Removal Services

Malware's are used to gather sensitive data, gain unauthorized access of your website, collect your clients/customers orders and financial info and even publish illegal content on your website. If your WordPress website is compromised and running malware scripts on it - first thing you need to do is do not try to clean it yourself with the help of any third party plugin. That may crash your website. There are different kind of malware attacks - like robotic malwares, malware injections, deceptive site red page warning etc. Our 24x7 WordPress Malware Removal Services are available to fix your hacked and malware affected WordPress websites and adds extra security to make sure your site never gets hacked again. Call us now on +1-917-300-0312 for Wordpress Malware Removal Support Services.

Get your hacked wordpress website fixed

Recover Hacked Wordpress

WordPress is an amazing platform but at the same time it can get hacked if the right security measures are not in place. For Example if you are not updating the Wordpress versions, Themes, plugins and PHP version of your wordpress website it can impact your wordpress website securities and your website gets vulnerable and an easy target for hackers to take control of your website and hack it. If your WordPress website is hacked do not panic. We will assign one of our wordpress experts to cleanup your Hacked WordPress Website and take it from dirty and dangerous to clean and secure environment. Call us now to get Hacked Wordpress Website Support immediately on +1-917-300-0312.

wordpress ssl configuration and support services

Security Check And SSL

One of the most secured and important component for any online business is creating a secured and trustworthy website where all the potential customers and visitors should feel secured in making or executing their purchases or even browsing your website. b>SSL Certificates ensures and provides that foundation of trust and security to your website and for your customers . Since 2016 google has also declared that only SSL secured websites will get higher preferences for organic rankings in google search results. To know more about Wordpress SSL Configuration Services and why it is important for your wordpress website. Call us now on +1-917-300-0312 and speak with one of our Wordpress SSL Experts..

Wordpress Errors Support Services

Wordpress Website Errors Support

If you are a WordPress expert who knows how to do websites coding's or you loves to troubleshoot and installing plugins or changing the WordPress themes, you’ll understand that finding an error before you can fix it is an difficult and knowledgeable job. But if you are not a website developer or a coding expert, it is impossible for you to troubleshoot the error on your wordpress website and fix that up yourself. You need a wordpress expert to fix that up for you. Call us on our Wordpress Customer Support Phone Number +1-917-300-0312 now and speak with one of our WordPress Experts.

Wordpress Login Issues Support

WordPress Login Issues Support

Struggling for login to your wp_admin dashboard ? There could be many reasons for this. May be any plugin creating a conflict, any widget's database table have got corrupted or may be your user meta data tables got deprecated. Obviously if you are not a wordpress expert you can't troubleshoot and fix that yourself and we recommend that your should not even try to do that yourself because that way you may crach your website and create more complex issues. Don't Panic we have solutions for all these and more such issues. For WP_Admin Login Support or all of your Wordpress Login Support call us now on +1-917-300-0312.

wordpress website speed optimization services

Wordpress Website Speed Optimization Services

Do you have a slow wordpress website than take it seriously because it will negatively impact your conversion rate and your google rankings and at the same time it will increase your website's bounce rate, low down your adword's quality score and in total low or no conversions. A fast speed website is now officially a Google ranking factor and a slow speed website negatively impact's your search engine rankings. To get Wordpress Speed Optimization Services for your Website contact our 24x7 Wordpress Support Experts on live wordpress chat or call us now on our Wordpress Customer Support Helpline Number +1-917-300-0312.

Wordpress Fatal Error Support Services

Wordpress Fatal Error Support Services

If you have just visited your WordPress website and saw a scary Fatal Error message than do not try to fix it yourself, a detailed diagnosed process by a WordPress expert can only detect the exact cause and can be fixed thereafter. A bad fix of any fatal error creates more similar errors in a website such as white screen of death, database deletion or corruption of your wordpress website, parse error, syntax error or sometimes complete deletion of your wordpress website also. We are available 24x7 with our bespoke Wordpress Experts to provide complete counselling and support for all kind of Wordpress Fatal Errors exists. Feel free to call us now on +1-917-300-0312 and get your WordPress Website Fatal Error Fixed.

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About WP Official Support

We are a leading Help & Support Service Provider Company for websites based in New York, USA. Our 24x7 Wordpress Customer Support Helpline Number is +1-917-300-0312. No matter what is the problem we have the best wordpress experts on-board to handle any kind of complexed errors and issues for self hosted wordpress websites . We are the only company who works with a motto to make max possible customers happy and satisfy. We provide Affordable WordPress Website Development Services to help you establish a professional business website.

Our 24x7 Wordpress Experts are 100% proficient in troubleshooting and resolving of all kind of wordpress websites issues like - Http error 500, this site is experiencing technical difficulties error, Error Establishing Database connection issue, failed login issues, updates failed, json error, Php update, wordpress version update , parse error, syntax error etc. We are also best in custom wordpress website development where we provide a complete unique design with all the dynamic functionalities for your wordpress website as per your requirements.

In today's competitive world everyone needs a global presence that should allows them to stand out in this fastest growing economy and online world. And for that you need a new, professional and custom wordpress website development and design for your websites which will increase your sales and expose your business website to thousands of new clients. The custom website our wordpress developers and wordpress web designers create will convey the strongest image to your customer base.

About Self-Hosted WordPress Platform is an open source platform with no fee in terms of using the platform where as we are not saying it is 100% free to use. First thing needs to understand here is what is the difference between self-hosted and a managed hosting websites. If you know this it's good but if not - no need to worry. For complete info and guidance about platform or to get customer support for your website you can contact us on our 24x7 Wordpress Customer Support and Technical Assistance Phone Number which is +1 917-300-0312 and speak with one of our wordpress experts. You can also write us on


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Bespoke Customer Support Services

Like every problem has a different solution similarly every issue has its own complexity and price to fix.

We charge a fixed fee based on the issue and gives 100% Refunds if we fail to resolve or fix it.

We do have quarterly, half yearly and yearly support plans based on the type and size of websites. Talk with our 24x7 Online WordPress Customer Support Experts to know more.

Call on our 24x7 Wordpress Customer Support Phone Number 1-917-300-0312 now and speak with one of our experts to get your WordPress Issues Fixed in no time.

Wordpress Website Development Pricings



  • Upto 12 pages
  • Customized Free Theme
  • Site + Blog
  • No Free Hosting & Domain
  • Mobile Friendly
    Fully Responsive
  • Free Logo Design
  • Free 1 Month Support
  • SEO Friendly



  • Upto 40 pages
  • Customized Premium Theme
  • Site + Blog
  • Free Hosting
    Domain For 1 Yr.
  • Mobile Friendly
    Fully Responsive
  • Free Logo & Stationary Design
  • Free 3 Months Support
  • SEO Friendly



  • Upto 50 pages
  • Customized Premium Theme
  • Site + Blog
  • Free Hosting
    Domain For 2 Yrs.
  • Mobile Friendly
    Fully Responsive
  • Free Logo & Stationary Design
  • Free 6 Months Support
  • SEO Friendly

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Website Features You Get

Mobile Friendly Websites

In today's digital world every website is must require to be mobile friendly and all WordPress websites designed by us are compatible with all mobile devices no matter they are apple devices or android's.

W3C Valid Code

W3C Markup validation is an important step towards ensuring the technical quality of web pages. And all websites we design are as per W3C coding standards only.

SEO Friendly Development

Websites are meant be found in search engine results so every website is required to be search engine friendly. While designing the websites we take care of all necessary SEO friendly steps in the website to suit your business as well as marketing requirements.

Fast in Speed

Google as well as visitors hates slow running websites. And having a slow speed website means no rankings no visitors so no business. While creating the websites we always make sure, optimize and test the websites speed so you should not face any such issues.


No one likes slow websites, particularly Google. Slow websites are not only bad for your users, they also negatively affect your SEO.

Luckily, it is not that hard to improve your website’s speed and performance. There are plenty of tips, tricks, and tools that will help you boost performance and make your website noticeably faster. You can call now and speak with one of our WordPress Slow Speed Optimization Expert on +1-917-300-0312

WordPress powers nearly 34% of all websites on the internet as of 2019. This makes it a special target for hackers, spammers, and malicious activities. You can easily protect your WordPress website from hackers and malicious attacks by adding layers of security around your WordPress website. To know more about it you can speak with one of our WordPress Security Experts on +1-917-300-0312 and get your website secured in no time. If your website is already got hacked, still our WordPress Security Experts can fix that by removing all malicious codes and hacking scripts from your website and help you to get back in business with a secured website.

By default, WordPress comes with two default content types. They are called posts and pages.

Posts are part of a blog and are displayed in a reverse chronological order. Pages are static and not part of a blog.

To add a new blog post, head over to Posts » Add New page.

To create a new page, you need to visit Pages » Add New page.

Both page’s and post’s edit screens look similar with some minor differences.

While is an opensource free platform to use, you will need a web hosting account and a domain name to use it on a live website. These will cost you money.

You can get started by signing up for a shared hosting account. After that you can use a free WordPress theme with essential free plugins to get started.

First you need to make sure that you are choosing the right blogging platform for your website. Self-hosted is the best platform. It offers you the flexibility and freedom to grow your blog without any limitations.

Next, you will need a Domain and a Web hosting account with Cpanel access. All websites on the internet needs hosting.

Web hosting will be your website’s home on the internet and Domain will be your website’s address on the internet that your users will type in their browsers to reach your site (e.g. or

We recommend using either Godaddy, WP Engine or Hostgator.

Once you have signed up for a hosting account, you can go ahead and setup WordPress but if you need an expert to do that for you feel free to call us on our Customer Service Number and our professional WordPress experts will do that for you on a one time expert fee.

There are countless ways to make money from your WordPress site. You can run advertisements, sell products, recommend affiliate products, teach courses, sell paid content, and the list goes on.

A contact form allows visitors to contact you directly from your website by filling out a simple form.

By default, WordPress does not come with a built-in contact form but there are many contact form plugins which allow you to easily create and add forms to your website.

Yes, absolutely. WordPress started out as a blogging platform, but now it is a full-fledged CMS and an application framework.

Most likely you are using, which is a blog hosting service created by WordPress co-founder Matt Mullenweg.

It is a solid blog hosting service, but there are some limitations to using One of them is not able to install plugins.

If you want to move your blog to platform then connect with our wordpress customer service experts on +1-917-300-0312

Sometimes when working on your WordPress site, you may accidentally lock yourself out of the WordPress admin area. To get back in, you will need to get the issue fixed with the help of an WordPress Expert. You can call on +1-917-300-0312 and speak with one of  our WordPress Customer Service Experts to get this fixed in no time.

Themes controls the appearance of your WordPress site. There are thousands of free and paid WordPress themes available for every kind of website.

First, you will need to decide whether you want to use the free or premium theme. Premium WordPress themes come with support and guaranteed updates.

This does not mean that free WordPress themes are low quality. In fact, free WordPress themes that are available on theme directory go through a very rigorous review process.

You will also need to consider your audience, your website’s topics, compatibility with plugins, and language requirements.

You can directly upload videos to your WordPress site and you can use a video hosting service like YouTube or Vimeo. Simply upload your video to one of these services and then copy your video URL. Come back to your WordPress site and simply paste the video URL in the post editor. WordPress will automatically fetch the embed code and display your video.

WordPress powers millions of ecommerce websites and online stores all over the world. Using one of the ecommerce plugins for WordPress, you can easily add an online store to your WordPress website and sell both digital and physical goods. Here are our best eCommerce plugins for WordPress users.

  1. WooCommerce
  2. BigCommerce
  3. Easy Digital Downloads
  4. MemberPress
  5. Shopify

Plugins are like apps for your WordPress site which adds functionalities to your website. They allow you to add additional features like contact forms, editor, page builder etc to your wordpress website.

To install plugins, first you need to visit Plugins » Add New page in the WordPress admin area. Next, you need to search for the plugin you are looking for by typing in keywords (like editor, contact form, etc).

If you know the name of the plugin that you want to install, then you can search with the plugin name directly.

After you have selected a theme for your website, you will need to install it.

Head over to Appearance » Themes page in WordPress dashboard admin area and then click on the ‘Add New’ button on the top.

On the next page, you can search for a free theme from theme directory. If you already have your theme as a zip file, then click on the upload button to select the zip file and install it.

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